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Ammunition to success for Young Professionals


A pandemic ago, it was a little simpler to land into a job for any fresh graduate.

However, during the COVID time things have drastically changed. This also includes company and their hiring processes.

Many companies have cut down on their staff and showed their experienced personal the exit door. This has left many skillful people in the open market for job hunt. And now that lock down is gone, people are getting back to their new norms.

Recruiters have now raised the bar for their ‘requirements’ and are mostly choosing experts over newly graduates. Now how could a newbie compete and make their resume stand out from the crowd?

Here are some of the tips and tricks you can use,

Resume Length: Resume is always considered the face of your profile. This is the first thing an HR sees while recruiting. Keeping the resume up to date will help you get noticed by the recruiters. They don’t have time to read all the long list of achievements and sentences filled with jargons.

Though you might have potential to grab the job, your resume might end up in the pile of papers just because it seemed like a huge essay. Limit your resume to just one paper or two initially. Highlight your skillset and your experience (if any). Customize as per the job you’re applying. This will help in creating a good first impression and leading you to the next round of interview.

Industry Research: As huge as this word might sound, it is actually very simple. Having a thorough research about the industry that you’re interested in will help in understanding the work better. Instead of applying to every job opportunity that you look for, try researching about the companies.

Each company has their own work culture, visions and missions. Find the one that resonates with your interests and apply strategically. Researching helps you understand that there are more opportunities that you can imagine. And opportunities are not just limited to the fortune 500 companies but more.

Network it right: Every person doesn’t have access to the HR team sitting behind those glass walls. One way you can access them is through the internet. But how do you find the exact contact or email address?? An email search platform comes to the rescue. A huge data base platform like gives you access to emails exact HR email address of the company that you’re looking for.

Another option is to create LinkedIn profile and connect with as many professionals as you can. You can increase the outreach through this professional social platform. And can also be included as chrome extension to LinkedIn to find the email addresses.

Location Matters: The currents situation demands to work from home. This is definitely a boon for the ones who have left their hometowns to find jobs. However, it won’t take long for the companies to ask their employees to return to offices.

Don’t hesitate to explore the opportunities you might get that are away from your home. Going to different places gives you an overall experience as a professional as well as personal.

As they say, success lies out of your comfort zone. Don’t stick to your comforts of your home or hometown and find a chance that lets you learn more.

Prepare for the interview: This is as important as searching for one. You’ve sent your resume and got selected for the interview round. Now what? How do you answer the questions that HR asks?

Make list of your strengths and weaknesses. Consider what your career objective is. Google some questions that HR asks commonly. When asked about questions like, ‘tell about yourself’ articulate the points which correspond to your professional front. At the end, don’t hesitate to ask questions about to gain more insight about the job role.

Ask for help: Every working professional has been through the strenuous process of job searching. So, never feel alone when you lose out on few chances. No one gets a job in their very first attempt.

Seek help when lost or unsure of. Ask your friends about their job search. ‘If opportunity doesn’t knock, build a door.’ said Milton Berle. Enquire about jobs to the professionals who are already working.


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