Career Ideas

Career in Artificial Intelligence in India


The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is still new, but the possibilities are increasing a lot in it. Given the government’s focus on the Digital India program, the demand for trained professionals in fields like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IOT) and Robotics will increase rapidly in the coming days. Microsoft’s Bill …

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Mobile App Development Ideas for a New Start-up

app development

  A start-up is a small organization for business purposes. They are generally small businesses that are in the nascent phase of development. At first, they are usually financially supported by the sponsors or by the group of creators who manage them. Generally, start-ups rely on technological innovations to advance as a …

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Find the Refurbished iPhones Best Place To Buy


Godzilla Phones has strived since its inception to create social, economic, and environmental values ​​through a refurbishment method on iPhones. The contribution is made to improve the global society and with a motto beyond the financial benefit that its functions may represent. It is a new sustainable industry and decent …

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5 Best Strategies to Ace Your MCQ Exams


    Prepare your test with testfellow for Free MCQs for Jobs test preparation Highly Qualified Content Writer Team 10,000 Questions with Answers Solved MCQs from past papers like CSS, NTS, PPSC, FPSC etc Quizzes for Grade 9 to 12 and Master Level students Most important and Frequently Asked Questions Results at the end of a …

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