How to Find a Job at Sea or a Crew in the Quickest Time?


Finding a yacht to work at is a dream for many people. Some romanticize such a job and want to go on a journey, others just adore the sea. Both have a chance, given they also have the necessary skills.

But how to find people who will be devoted to their sea job crew? And how to find a place to work where your dreams will come true and your skills will be valued?

In this article, we have some great tips for both employers and job-seekers!

How to Find a Great Crew Easily and Quickly?

Here are some valuable recommendations for those looking for a great crew:

  • Find proper websites with job-seekers.
    There are many platforms that connect employers and job-seekers. You can not only find a list of people willing to work for you but see their location, sort candidates, and choose the most suitable ones for your crew.
  • Read resumes carefully.
    Get familiar with the papers first. See how the CV is formatted, whether there is full information, phone numbers to get references and recommendations, etc. If the person discloses such information openly to potential employers, they don’t need to hide anything. This means you have found yourself an honest candidate.
  • Conduct interviews.
    For further acquaintance, invite the most prominent candidates for interviews. They will take some time, but you’ll get a chance to get to know these people better. Look for personal traits and habits, how they react to certain questions. Working as a part of a crew is an interesting yet stressful job. You need the best people on your team.
  • Create a contest.
    If you have the power, create a contest where the winner will become a part of your crew. This isn’t the quickest way, but you will end up with the best of the best. Seeing the skills and stress resistance of your candidates live is like a snippet of their real working traits. Even one competition will show you the dream crew members.

How to Find a Great Job at Sea Easily and Quickly?

Here are some working recommendations for potential sea job crew applicants:

  • Register on job-seeking services.
    A plethora of platforms are waiting for you to provide your information and start looking for a job at sea. Some of them are focused on connecting potential crew members with their captains and employers.
  • Write a great resume and, optionally, a statement.
    Gather all your education, experience, and rewards and combine them into a creative, beautiful, clear resume. You may also want to write a statement talking about your passion for the job. If you can’t do it alone, turn to special services that will create a top-notch CV for you.
  • Be realistic about your possibilities.
    Read more about jobs at sea and what pitfalls there are. It’s an amazing experience, but you should be ready for it at least knowledge-wise.
  • Prepare for an interview.
    Look for tips that will help you win the job interview. Be smart, professional, polite, and pleasant. Show them how friendly and hardworking you are!

It’s high time to try something new. Find a service that will help you get the job of your dreams!