Career in Artificial Intelligence in India

The field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is still new, but the possibilities are increasing a lot in it. Given the government’s focus on the Digital India program, the demand for trained professionals in fields like Artificial Intelligence, Internet of Things (IOT) and Robotics will increase rapidly in the coming days. Microsoft’s Bill Gates believes that the field of artificial intelligence has only just begun.Artificial_Intelligence

For the past few years, artificial intelligence has been in constant discussion for various reasons and issues. Artificial intelligence is a branch of computer science whose job is to create intelligent machines. Recently, the government’s think tank NITI Aayog and Google have agreed that both aim to promote India’s emerging artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) ecosystem. Will work together on several initiatives, which will help in building an artificial intelligence ecosystem in the country. NITI Aayog has been developing technologies like AI and preparing a national program for research. With this aim NITI Aayog is developing a National Strategy on Artificial Intelligence with the National Data and Analytics Portal,

In general, artificial intelligence & machine learning are considered synonymous, but this is not the case. The difference between them is further clarified, so that confusion does not arise. 

What is Artificial Intelligence?
In simple words, Artificial Intelligence means to develop the ability to think and make decisions in a machine. Artificial intelligence is considered to be the most advanced form of computer science and in this a mind is made in which a computer can think … a computer brain, which can think like humans. 

Where is it being used?
It will not be an exaggeration if the present era is called the period of experiments being done on Artificial Intelligence.

Major Applications of Artificial Intelligence

  • Computer Gaming 
  • Natural Language Processing 
  • Expert System
  • Vision System 
  • Speech Recognition
  • Intelligent Robot

Furthermore, running a very complex system… to prepare new drugs… to discover new chemicals… from the mining industry to space… from the stock market to insurance companies… there is no such area of ​​human life left without the interference of artificial intelligence. 

Let’s try to understand it with this example…

  • Today, the movement of airplanes around the world is dependent on computers. Which plane will pass when, which way…where will it deliver the goods…all these are decided by machines . That is, artificial intelligence is being used for air traffic control. 

This means that the work which takes more time for a person to do or the work which is difficult and complex , can be dealt with in a jiffy with the help of these mechanical minds. 

Prospects of Artificial Intelligence in India

  • With remarkable progress in the field of robotics, cloud technology,virtual reality,  big data, artificial intelligence and machine learning and other technologies, the possibilities of ushering in the fourth industrial revolution in the near future are being explored in India.
  • According to CEO  of NITI Aayog Amitabh Kant, AI is going to change the way business is done in the country. It will be extensively  used in innovations especially for the social and inclusive welfare of the Nation. 
  • The time is approaching for the country to accept futuristic technologies like AI and Machine Learning to increase capacity in the field of healthcare, education, innovative governance systems for all and improve the country’s overall productivity. .
  • NITI Aayog’s partnership with Google will launch many training initiatives, assist startups and provide Ph.D. AI research will be promoted through the scholarship.

Efforts being made by the government

  • A committee has been formed under the chairmanship of NITI Aayog Vice-Chairman Rajiv Kumar to outline the Artificial Intelligence program at the nation-wide level. In this, apart from the representatives of the govt, academia and industry will also be given representation.
  • In the current budget, the govt has  made a provision of $480 million for fifth generation technology startups  , which include AI, machine learning, Internet of Things, 3-D printing and block chain.
  • Apart from this, the govt is planning to promote research, training, human resource and skill development in the fields of Big Data Intelligence, Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Digital Manufacturing,  Real Time Data and Quantum Communication.

7-Point Strategy on Artificial Intelligence
Earlier in October last year, the Central Govt had prepared a 7-Point Strategy, to use Artificial Intelligence. Chief among these are: –

Developing methods for human and machine interaction. 

  • To build a efficient workforce with Artificial Intelligence and R&D. 
  • Ensuring the security of A.I systems. 
  • To understand and act upon the legal, ethical, and social implications of Artificial Intelligence. 
  • To calculate the measurement by taking Artificial Intelligence technology as standard and through benchmarks.

Caution is also Needed,
AI will bring about a massive change in the way we live and work. Techniques like robotics and virtual reality will revolutionize the way production and manufacturing are done. According to a study by the University of Oxford, 1.5 million jobs will be lost in the US alone in the next two decades. 

We may have to deal with the challenges of employment in the world of artificial intelligence, but the biggest threat will be difficult to avoid. So it is clear that there are as many dangers as there are advantages from machines with artificial intelligence. Experts say that if intelligent robots start considering humans as their enemies for some reason or circumstance, then there can be a danger to humanity. All machines and weapons can rebel. Such a situation has been imagined in a Hollywood movie like ‘Terminator’.

Becoming Intelligent Robots
The latest invention of this time shows the intelligence of artificial intelligence machines. With the help of artificial intelligence, robots are made effective and intelligent. These types of robots have made their place in many big companies abroad and in the country and are doing such work, which workers and technical workers experience a lot of difficulty in doing.

Saudi Arabia’s Intelligent Robot Sofia

  • The Sophia robot named was created in 2016 by David Hanson, founder of Hanson Robotics. 
  • On 25 October 2017, Saudi Arabia gave it its full citizenship and she is the first robot in the world to acquire citizenship of any country.
  • Sophia’s expressions are similar to humans and she can even recognize other’s facial expressions. 
  • Sophia can do all things humans can and have her own thoughts, except to interact with anyone with her intelligence. 
  • Sofia has got all such citizen rights of Saudi Arabia.
  • Whenever Sophia is wrong, she can also be prosecuted as per law of Saudi Arabia. 
  • If any other citizen or person does something wrong to Sophia, then Sofia can also file a lawsuit as per the laws of Saudi Arabia. 

Sofia has come to India:  When Asia’s biggest Tech Fest-2017 was in Mumbai, then Robot Sofia also came in its telefest. Sophia adopted the Indian style in this program and wore a white and orange sari in Indian costume in this program. Sofia greeted the people present there by saying ‘Namaste India, I am Sofia’. In Tech Fest-2017, thousands were curious about how Sophia talks and answers questions. Sofia answered all the questions very cleverly and effectively. Sophia spoke in Hindi to the people who were present there.

Conclusion:  The concept of Artificial Intelligence is quite old. There are stories related to the concept of ‘mechanical man’ in Greek myths i.e. a person who imitates some of our behavior. Early European computers were designed as ‘logical machines’, that is, they were used as mechanical brains by developing skills such as basic maths, memory. But as technology went ahead and calculations became more complex, so did the concept of AI. Under this, an attempt was made to develop them like humans, so that they could be able to do more and more tasks in such a way that humans do. 


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