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Hindi Translator Job in Staff Selection Commission (SSC) – Apply Now


SSC Recruitment 2022: Staff Selection Commission (SSC) has invited applications for the various posts of Translator. 

Under this, Junior Hindi Translator, Senior Hindi Translator and other posts will be filled. The application process for these posts has started. Interested candidates can apply online on the official website by 04 August.

Let us inform that the computer based examination for these posts will be conducted in October 2022. Through this recruitment drive, candidates will get jobs in various ministries of Railway Board, Arm Forces Headquarters and Central Government. Candidates will be able to make corrections in the application form from July 6.

How much salary will
be given to the selected candidates for the posts of Junior Translator under Pay Scale 6 to Rs 35,400 to 1,12,400 and for the posts of Junior Hindi Translator, candidates will get Rs 35,400 to 1,12,400 under Pay Scale 6 for the posts of Junior Hindi Translator. Will go At the same time, the selected for the post of Senior Hindi Translator will be given a salary of Rs 44,900 to Rs 1,42,400 under Pay Scale 7.

SSC Recruitment 2022 Age Limit
Candidates applying for these posts should be between 18 to 30 years as on January 1, 2022. Upper age limit will be relaxable by 5 years for SC/ST candidates, 3 years for OBC candidates and 10 to 15 years for PWD candidates.

WATCH VIDEO: How to Apply

Download Form : Click Here



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