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We have entered the ‘learning society’, which has given rise to a global education industry (‘Global Education Industry’). The educational market calculation made by Merrill Lynch-Bank of America in 2014 was 4.3 trillion dollars. A lot of money. The industry includes many types of business: direct management of educational centers, materials production, ‘online’ teaching, consulting services, ‘education marketing’, test production services, evaluations, etc. To know the current situation, I think the study directed by Antoni Verger , of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, ​​a great expert in the subject ( Verger, A., Lubiensky, C. and Steiner-Khamsi, G. ‘World Yearbook of Education 2016:New York: Routledge ). The fact that a part of education is commercialized raises many misgivings. Especially in relation to public education . It is an opportune moment to deal with the issue that will emerge in the debates on the educational pact , since it is one of the issues of permanent discord, as we explained in the ‘ Papers for an educational pact’.

There is a movement to favor the entry of private initiative and capital into public education systems. There is talk of a Global Education Reform Movement (GERM) (‘ Global education’ reform ‘building resistance and solidarity ‘), characterized by widespread standardization, payment for results, competition, choice, and privatization. Large companies are investing in the education industry.The largest of them, Pearson, which recently sold its participation in the ‘Financial Times’, for 1,183 million euros, and its participation in ‘The Economist’, for 658 million euros, to devote all its financial power to the education sector. The big computer companies – Microsoft, Apple, Cisco, Samsung, IBM, Google – are also investing large sums in education.

The fact that a part of education is commercialized awakens many misgivings. Above all, in relation to public education

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