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With this free course, you will learn to write research articles under the ideal professional and academic parameters. Being the last course of the mix on Academic English offered by the University of California , it will serve you to apply everything you have learned throughout the syllabuses, and will give you the practical dowry you need to be able to develop research work in your university field.

The specialization mix on Academic English , which is called Capstone Project, proposes that you succeed at any level or university or professional field. Receiving rigorous academic research and working on them in order to improve the expression of ideas under that format.

We inform you that throughout this course, you will have a schedule adjusted to your needs , and in it you will be able to measure the acquired skills, as well as receive the possibility of delivering research work on topics to be chosen by both the students and the teaching staff.

To whom is the course on how to write research articles addressed?

The course is aimed at anyone interested in learning the management of academic English , whether for professional, personal, research or study purposes. It is especially intended for people who are in positions related to the points mentioned above.

It should be noted that to be able to participate, it is essential to master a medium or advanced level of English, see free courses on English . In addition to having a computer with a stable internet connection.

What will be studied in the course on how to write research articles?

Taught by the famous professor and instructor of the Department of International Programs of the University of California , Tamy Chapman , the course will have an established program of 6 weeks of study , with hourly charges of between 1 and 3 hours respectively. There will be mandatory practical and assessed activities, together with the readings assigned by the teaching staff.

The essential activities to develop at the end of the course are the following:

Conduct research on an academic subject to choose
Create a methodology for the trial project
Write reference bibliographies correctly
Write an investigation of between 7 or 8 pages
Use information sources under the MLA format

Access to the course on how to write research articles

Access the course on how to write research articles following the previous link. Registration and participation in this particular course is completely free .

This course is a specialization that has a free validity period of 7 days and you have the possibility to take it completely free of charge in a scholarship in this link.

If you wish to participate in the Academic English mix, where this course is located, as well as receive an additional certification for completing the course, you must pay additional monetary fees to the University of California.

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