Top 10 Free Online Courses in 2019-2020

If you are a professional and looking to enhance or honing your skills in 2019 then you can easily enrol for these online courses which will help you learn new things.

Most of these courses are available online. You can easily enrol for any such courses and within a short period of time become expert in your respective field.

Following are some of the free courses which you can learn in 2019:-

  1. Microsoft Excel
  2. Customer Service
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Academy for Ads
  5. Apps for iPhone
  6. Introduction to graphic design
  7. Writing course(Harvard)
  8. Photoshop

Top Online Courses with Certificates

Top Online Courses from Different Universities

1. “Successful Business Management for SMEs” / University: Catholic University.


2. “Sustainability and Social Economies” from University: University of Chile.

3. “Road to Excellence in Project Management” from the University: Catholic University.

4. “Management of effective organizations” from University: Catholic University.

5. “Design and Creation of a Social Entrepreneurship” / University: Catholic University.

6. “Good Practices in Free Competition” / University: Catholic University.

7 “Starting a High Impact Entrepreneurship” / University: Catholic University of Valpara√≠so.

8 “Care and general procedures in the care of the newborn” / University: University of Chile.

9. “Primary Health Care: The Challenge of Non-Communicable Diseases” / University: Catholic University.

10. “Phonological Awareness and Vocabulary in the Early Years of Childhood / University: University of Chile.