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Cars have seen a great and rapid evolution from those models with carburetors in the 70s. Four-wheel vehicles, in ancient times equipped with basic things, have been transformed into connected media with advanced features.

In the coming years, the automotive industry will continue adopting new technological advances to improve the user experience and society in all its aspects.

Here we show you some trends that will lead the future of the cars.

Autonomous cars

Autonomous vehicles are means of transport capable of imitating the actions of people when driving, so they handle themselves. The development of Artificial Intelligence and machine learning has allowed an advance in the construction of this type of transport.

According to a report by the Pew Research Center in the United States, it is estimated that autonomous vehicles will represent 40% of personal mileage driven in Europe in 2030.

Thanks to companies like Google we have seen these cars in action. For a few years they have tested prototypes of autonomous cars in the United States and England.

Electric vehicles

The World Bank Economic Forum highlights that electric vehicles will be more affordable in the coming years and will constitute almost a third of new car sales in the next decade.

Gasoline vehicles are a major source of air pollution, especially in urban areas, where there is a greater concentration of cars.

These cars have the advantage that they use electric power to operate unlike gasoline vehicles, so their environmental impact is lower. They have been identified as a key technology to reduce emissions that affect the environment.

Fully connected cars

In its report, the Pew Research Center of the United States points out another trend that will dominate in the automotive industry: connectivity. And not just connect, but do it in an easy and everywhere.

Connectivity in cars encompasses two concepts at the same time. On the one hand, there are the Car2Car or Car2X communications, which are the connections with other cars or with a transport infrastructure, being developed mainly to improve safety and reduce traffic accidents by means of warnings or information about traffic.

And on the other is the creation of networks that connect with other applications, which will allow the car to do basically the same as on a computer or cell phone: surf the Internet, work, communicate or enjoy entertainment services.

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